Why Maca Doesn’t Work

Many women have tried maca to help increase their fertility. While it’s an incredibly effective tool it should be combined with camu camu berry in order to be most effective. The camu berry helps to clear the stress hormone cortisol out of your progesterone receptors to the progesterone the maca is helping you to make more of has a place to go to do its job. These two foods, maca and camu camu berry, work together synergistically to help you get pregnant … [read more]

Organ Spotlight: Gallbladder


Talking about the gallbladder is important to me because these days people have it removed it as though it’s a completely worthless organ. It actually gets me a little upset to hear that so and so had their gallbladder removed due to gallstones. Although I am not a doctor, I am someone who is extremely passionate about nutrition. I also have a deeply rooted belief that the body is it’s own best source of healing when given the proper tools to be able to do so. If you cut your finger you clean … [read more]

How Do I Get Pregnant


Have you found yourself asking how do I get pregnant? If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and it’s just not happening then I invite you to read on. Learning to fertilize your body is one of the most empowering things you can do and that is exactly what I’d like to help you discover how to do. Help Me Get Pregnant The reality is that you can try any medications, supplements, or interventions you like but if your body is unprepared and unfertilized then all of these methods may come up short … [read more]

The 2 S’s that Destroy Hormone Balance


Healthy Reproductive Systems We were all born with these amazing endocrine systems that are perfectly designed to keep our moods stable, our bodies functioning in perfect synchronicity, and our reproductive systems healthy. Are You Moody? So why are so many of us walking around moody, weepy, crampy, and sometimes even in so much pain that we can’t even walk at all? While there are actually several different things throwing off our hormone balance—things such as poor diets, chemical laden … [read more]

Cranberries for Fertility


One of the key organs that must be nourished and in good health in order to conceive a baby is the kidney’s. Cranberries help to prevent bacteria from being able to survive in the bladder or kidney’s thereby promoting better health. So, eat plenty of cranberries this fall. Fresh is always best, better than juice unless you juice them yourself at home so it’s not pasteurized.           Here’s a great, simple recipe for fresh cranberry … [read more]

PCOS to get a new name


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is being renamed. What do you think about this? And what should the new name be? Polycsystic ovaries are caused by a hormone imbalance but cysts on the ovaries are not necessarily present in all women with the diagnosis. Hence the reason for renaming the syndrome. Regardless of what it’s called hormone imbalances can be corrected through proper diet, exercise and stress reduction. One of my favorite ways to begin correcting hormone imbalances is through beet … [read more]

Do Gluten Free Diets really heal infertility?

What is gluten and why does it cause infertility? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, as its name suggests, is a very sticky “gluey” substance. Because of this it’s incredibly difficult to digest and a bagel can often takes days to completely digest. Now, imagine you eat a bagel every day or, more likely, a bagel for breakfast, then a “healthy” whole wheat sandwich for lunch, and rolls, tortillas, breaded something or other with dinner, and some snacks in between—maybe … [read more]

To Eat Meat or Not to Eat Meat…


Most people these days seem to have a belief that vegetarians are truly the healthiest people. But, most people continue to eat meat, in spite of that belief, because “I could never give up meat” or “my husband would never go for that”. When I first started on my path to true health I believed that, too. But one thing I always emphasize to people is to question everything when it comes to your food. So to me, the real question in omnivorism vs vegetarianism or veganism is: are the vegetarians … [read more]

The 3 Most Important Components to any Healthy Diet

1) Probiotics. You can get these from fermenting your food, drinking coconut kefir or kambucha, from eating unwashed organic greens (may not be the most appetizing way but it is an option nonetheless), or from supplements (not what I recommend). 2) Fat. Lots of good health promoting fat. Fat keeps good vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients coming in and being properly absorbed and keeps toxins mobilized so they can go out. My 2 favorite sources are coconut oil and ghee. 3) Minerals. Most … [read more]